Matthew Broussard – “Mosaic”

NYC actor, standup comedian, and talented sculptor of Pokémon figurines Matthew Broussard drops some knowledge on the show. Listen in to find out what a “Shit Big Mac” and an “Open Face Shit Sandwich” is for your open mic work. How building a set list is like making a mosaic. Why you should keep a bad ideas notebook. How social media help you with word economy, and so much more!

Matthew shares what he has learned from his incredibly fast accent in comedy beginning in Houston, TX. After only a year in standup, he won funniest comic in Texas and made his way out to LA with a brief stop in Austin. He was vulnerable enough to share how he struggled in those markets until he finally found his true home in New York city where he has excelled getting late night spots on Conan, The Tonight Show, and featured on Comedy Central’s “This Week at the Comedy Cellar.”

Follow Matthew on social media @mondaypunday or on his website and catch his podcast “She does Standup too? with his girlfriend Laura Sogar.

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