Feedback Mic

online feedback mic Hosted by Brian Gendron and Drew Jordan

Tuesdays at 9PM EST we host our Online Feedback mic on Zoom! We welcome all comics at all levels to join our mic. We call it the “5-4-3-2-1 Mic” 5 Minute sets, light at 4 minutes, 3 minutes of feedback, 2 hosts, 1 hour.

To request a spot please email [email protected] with subject “feedback mic” and include which Tuesday date(s) you would like to request spot(s) We will respond back as soon as possible. If you make the show we’ll send a zoom link at least 2 hours before show.

What makes our mic unique?

  1. We run a tight clock and try and wrap within one (1) hour
  2. We foster a positive and safe environment
  3. We properly introduce comedians
  4. We send an email immediately after the mic with the recording and links to other valuable resources for writing.