“Shorts” – Sarah Tollemache Returns!

No, we’re not debating wearing shorts on stage, we’re talking digital shorts… Are you making them? Are you struggling getting eyes on them? How can you level up? Have you considered submitting them to festivals? Sarah has been perfecting the craft of DIY production of her sketches and has recently found success with her digital short “Sleepover Mom” being accepted to the 2022 Just For Laughs “Eat My Shorts” film competition directed by none other than Breaking Down Bits own Drew Jordan!

We also talk building new standup material post special recording and post pandemic and talk about her major role in the Joe List & Louis CK film “Fourth of July” Just released nationwide. Give it a listen! And check out some of Sarah’s work on YouTube!


“Live a Life” – Alex English

Comedian and writer Alex English joins the guys to talk comedy! Alex has come a long way in the last decade in the game since being unknowingly signed us for an open mic to just be completing his first season of writing for Saturday Night Live! Admittedly he says he feels like had to start over in comedy as a new SNL writer but embraces the challenge and is optimistic about how he will grow while continuing his standup at the Comedy Cellar and clubs around New York and across the country.

Alex encourages you to visit different cities and audiences, find input from news (CNN and Fox News) have experiences and use all this to define your comedy writing and character on stage and listen to all your sets, not just the good ones if you want to grow faster!


“Barking” – Adam Hunter

If you take away anything from Adam it is to grind it out and hustle. For five years he was barking at a club in New York in exchange for stage time. Then fought for each opportunity he got including three times getting passed on NBC’s Last Comic Standing but only making it on to the next round the third time when he stood up for himself.

He has always run his own room, even to this day running a room in LA and came up in an era alongside so many greats sharing stories and wisdom he gathered along the way. Most recently he has had success working for the UFC and his platform “MMA Roasted” after pitching a show idea in a chance run in with Dana White. Inspiring, informative, fun, check out this talk with Adam!


“Don’t Skip Any Steps” – David Gborie

So much great advice shared by David! Work Hard and don’t skip any steps!  It’s a cumulative effect of all the progress of the work you put in. Some things that help, start a mic or a showcase where your comfortable and work out new jokes. Start a podcast and not necessarily a comedy podcast. If you like comedy and like getting better, work hard and don’t be in such a hurry the breaks will come!

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“Networking” – Kim Congdon

The guys are joined by LA comedian, writer, and actress Kimberly Congdon! Kim’s first two standup sets ever were both at the World Famous Comedy Store. She rolled the Pot Luck open mic spot into a spot on the new (at the time) Kill Tony Show where she became one of the first show regulars.

If we can learn anything from Kim, it is to network, even when it’s out of your comfort zone. She later made connections to that got her onto the Comedy Central Roast Battle, a writer for the Impractical Jokers, and so many other opportunities. Kim shares a unique writing tip (especially if you have a podcast, and if you don’t she gives you a good reason to start one) Great episode for any comic, at any level!

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“Producing Shows ” – Kyle Kazanjian-Amory

Brian and Drew sit down with CEO and founder of “Don’t Tell Comedy” Kyle Kazanjian-Amory to dig into one thing… How to start and produce successful comedy shows. The boys exchange what they have learned over the years of running their comedy room “The Riot” in Houston with Kyle who has built a comedy empire runing shows in over 40 markets producing upwards of 20-30 comedy shows each weekend across the country plus dozens of high quality comedy specials.

Whether you are considering starting a show or taking your production to the next level, this is over an hour packed with tips, best practices, and secrets that can help you get your comedy show to the next level.

Check out Don’t Tell Comedy to see when they may be in a city near you!


“Taking Weird Opportunities” – Ahamed Weinberg

Brian and Drew talk the hahas with Ahamed Weinberg. Ahamed is a Los Angeles-based comedian from Philadelphia. He made his late night stand up debut on Late Night w/ Seth Meyers (NBC), is one of TimeOut LA’s Comics to Watch and Vulture’s 20 Comics to Watch and was awarded New Face at the 2016 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.

Interesting discussion on script writing and other creative comedy projects outside of standup. We talk about taking chances on stage and ways to get into the right headspace. Mining material and things to talk about on stage by taking weird opportunities and chances. Life experiences lead to some of the most interesting and meaningful material.

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“1000 Funny Things” – Mike Vecchione

Brian and Drew talk comedy with NYC comedian, writer, and actor Mike Vecchione! Weeks before recording his standup special produced by Nate Bargatze in Nashville we catch Mike as he tightens up his hour. He shares some lessons he has learned from his career journey including how to get booked for late night and other projects. He also opens up his writing strategy suggesting that over 1000 funny things happen to us each day and encourages us to capture those things and write about them.

We watch a clip from his most recent Tonight Show appearance and much more. So much great info shared for comics at all levels so give it a listen, and tell a friend!

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“Charmingly Naive” – Matt Rife

Brian and Drew talk with LA actor, writer, and comedian Matt Rife. We get into the early days of his career, a non-conventional start at the age of 15 he has been a kid after what he wants, to be famous. He talks about it in the episode as if it is his destiny and in some ways is already there but he still hungry sharing how he is working through is next hour just months after releasing his debut hour “Only Fans.”

Matt shares with us how a nightmare gig turned into double pay, his challenges with edgy jokes, theatre gigs vs. clubs, we talk stage persona he accurately claims his is “Charmingly naive” and so much more!


“Write it Down!” – Nick Youssef

Brian and Drew talk with comedian, writer, and actor Nick Youssef about his journey starting out in LA and working his way up the Comedy Store ladder to being the last comedian to be passed by the iconic Mitzi Shore. He shares experiences like how taking an acting class lead to a connection to get him a break in his career, offers a great reminder when you have an idea to WRITE IT DOWN! and so much more!