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Brian Gendron and Drew Jordan host the Breaking Down Bits Podcast
Brian Gendron and Drew Jordan host the Breaking Down Bits Podcast

A Standup Comedy Podcast. We break down the writing and performance elements of stand up with our favorite comedians.

Each episode features a video clip from the guest and a fun conversation about how the bit was developed and eventually delivered on stage. It’s definitely a pretty good show!


Latest Episodes

  • Willie Macc – “If that’s true, then what else is true?”
    Brian and Drew are joined by LA actor, writer, standup comedian and all around creative person Willie Macc. We have a great conversation that ranges from projects to stay sane during the pandemic/lockdown, maximizing your first appearance on stage, leveling up your writing by asking the question “If that’s true, then what else is true?” Willie shares some of his […]
  • Adrienne Iapalucci – “Baby Skeletons”
    Brian and Drew are joined by NYC standup comedian Adrienne Iapalucci. Discussion includes delivering dark material, the benefits of writing with other comics you trust, why having a managers isn’t always a good thing, plus much more! We break down some material from her new comedy album “Baby Skeletons.” Plus hear just how much of a train wreck Adrienne’s first […]
  • Jessica Watkins “Special–ish”
    Brian and Drew are joined by Standup Comedian and Filmmaker, Jessica Watkins. The discussion with Jessica is inspiration for comedians to take on projects that can compliment your growth as a standup act. Her documentary “Special-ish” serves as a great example of a creative way to expand your name in the in comedy industry. They discuss funding large projects, editing, […]

Upcoming Episodes!

Willie MaccWe talk comedy with LA Actor and Comedian Willie Macc!
Chris TurnerChris is an LA comedian who performs comedic freestyle raps whose performances have racked up over 25 million views on YouTube. In this interview we plan to discuss branching out from traditional standup in your act when you have other talents.
12:00PM EST

Meet the Hosts

Brian Gendron

Brian performs, produces, and hosts comedy showcases around Houston, TX including the Haha for Hope Charity Benefit that has raised over $12,000 for non-profits with children focused-missions and The Riot Comedy show. He has made audiences laugh in Boston, New Orleans, Baltimore, Dallas and New York.

Brian quickly destructs his handsome and confident arrival on stage as he reveals his struggles resulting from his poor decision making and bad luck. He draws audiences in with his sharp and witty observances to help them find humor in their own shortcomings. Audiences lose track of time as they join Brian on his relatable journey through his absurd life as an entrepreneur, a husband, a father, and a comedian.

Drew Jordan

Drew Jordan is a Houston comic who grew up in rural east Texas. He’s a baptist preacher’s kid with a bowel disease. One divorce under his belt and the incredible ability to fully disappoint his parents in a plethora of ways. (yes, he knows what a plethora is) Not knowing what he’s doing might be his strongest asset. There’s nothing he enjoys more than working to create awkward comedy that shares his story and connects him with others who have their own crazy weird stories.