Graham Kay – “Grit”

How much do you really want to make it in comedy? When a comic has to restart his career four times he must really want it. That was the case with Graham Kay. Kay had the grit to stick with it, eventually winning prestigious comedy contests and being seen on National TV.

He first found his passion for comedy in Canada and decided he needed to be around industry and made the leap (as an illegal alien) to New York. But his lack of citizenship status limited is opportunities so he retreated back to Canada to restart his career AGAIN and work to enter the US legally this time which included racking up credits and earning enough money and a pretty heavy legal bill amongst other requirements.

Legally in the US he found himself in Los Angeles, for yes his third career restart! Hustling auditions and landing a few acting gigs he identified that standup was really his true passion and moved back to NYC where he restarted his comedy career a forth time but this time for good. Since then he has been on national TV making his late night debut on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and being seen on NBC’s “Bring the Funny.”

We look at material from his recently released third comedy album “Stupid Jokes” and talk about how grant approaches writing and performing. Really inspiring episode to help you as you ride out the grind that is the comedy business!

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