J.F. Harris “Exploration”

Writer and comedian J.F. Harris shares his experiences as a comic who came up in Staten Island, NY now lives in LA and has been everywhere in between. So many great takeaways and recommended readings and other media for comics at any level. Some key takeaways is to make sure you ask for your opportunities, be present, and find a way to be comfortable on stage to explore new jokes and ideas to grow as a comic.

Louis Katz – “Empathy”

Brian and Drew talk with NYC comedian Louis Katz. A passionate comedy writer we get into the details of writing and set development that can be helpful for standup comedians at all levels. Additionally we talk about writing teams, club etiquette, audience empathy, the importance of listening, and so much more. We watch a clip from Louis’ story for Comedy Central’s “This is Not Happening.” Really great episode!


Aristotle Georgeson – “Character”

Such a valuable and timely topic for all standup comics – how to go viral on social media! Is there a character in your act that could possibly come to life online? That’s a route that has paid off big for Aristotle with his alter ego Blake Webber has amassed over 4 million followers and hundreds of millions of views across the internet and on TV.

We also cover topics like crowd work, taking risks on stage, and much more! A must listen to for all comics!


Matthew Broussard – “Mosaic”

NYC actor, standup comedian, and talented sculptor of Pokémon figurines Matthew Broussard drops some knowledge on the show. Listen in to find out what a “Shit Big Mac” and an “Open Face Shit Sandwich” is for your open mic work. How building a set list is like making a mosaic. Why you should keep a bad ideas notebook. How social media help you with word economy, and so much more!

Matthew shares what he has learned from his incredibly fast accent in comedy beginning in Houston, TX. After only a year in standup, he won funniest comic in Texas and made his way out to LA with a brief stop in Austin. He was vulnerable enough to share how he struggled in those markets until he finally found his true home in New York city where he has excelled getting late night spots on Conan, The Tonight Show, and featured on Comedy Central’s “This Week at the Comedy Cellar.”

Follow Matthew on social media @mondaypunday or on his website mondaypunday.com and catch his podcast “She does Standup too? with his girlfriend Laura Sogar.


Jourdain Fisher – “Segues”

NYC Comedian and writer Jourdain Fisher joins the show to share his rise through comedy starting at the age of 17 in North Carolina to performing on, and writing for, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Jourdain shares his early beginnings and eventual move to New York including the slow beginnings – once sleeping outside just to get a one minute set on to getting a manager and spots on national TV and comedy central presents — a clip we review on the show.

We talk through writing and Jourdain’s crisp delivery including segues between bits, his conversational flow, and his vocal “act outs.”

We know you’ll enjoy this episode and please also check out Jourdain’s recent album “Good For You.” Available for streaming on iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms.


Jerry Garcia – “Confidence”

Brian and Drew talk with LA Comedian Jerry Garcia! Jerry has great takes on how to get ahead faster and gain a following in your first years of comedy. Jerry shares how he was able to make relationships with touring headliners to accelerate his growth as a comic. We listen to a set of his hilarious material from Chingo Bling’s “The Can’t Deport Us All” Special from Netflix.

A great listen for comics at all levels but if you’re in your first year or just about to start this is Jerry shares some great advice for you!

Graham Kay – “Grit”

How much do you really want to make it in comedy? When a comic has to restart his career four times he must really want it. That was the case with Graham Kay. Kay had the grit to stick with it, eventually winning prestigious comedy contests and being seen on National TV.

He first found his passion for comedy in Canada and decided he needed to be around industry and made the leap (as an illegal alien) to New York. But his lack of citizenship status limited is opportunities so he retreated back to Canada to restart his career AGAIN and work to enter the US legally this time which included racking up credits and earning enough money and a pretty heavy legal bill amongst other requirements.

Legally in the US he found himself in Los Angeles, for yes his third career restart! Hustling auditions and landing a few acting gigs he identified that standup was really his true passion and moved back to NYC where he restarted his comedy career a forth time but this time for good. Since then he has been on national TV making his late night debut on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and being seen on NBC’s “Bring the Funny.”

We look at material from his recently released third comedy album “Stupid Jokes” and talk about how grant approaches writing and performing. Really inspiring episode to help you as you ride out the grind that is the comedy business!


Ed Hill – “Candy & Smiley”

Brian & Drew are joined by Taiwanese-Canadian Comedian Ed Hill. Ed recently released his debut comedy album this month “Candy & Smiley.” We discuss his unique choice of recording his comedy album in front of only six people due to the pandemic and listen to a few hilarious clips.

Ed shares his unique and effective approach to writing. We also hear about his effective delivery method. Listen in to find out just how long Ed ran the light on his Ted Talk! Overall a really great discussion about comedy writing and performance with Ed!


Jenny Zigrino – “Festival Submissions”

Actor and Standup comedian Jenny Zigrino joins the show and shares so much great advice for comics. We break down her killer Valentine’s Day set on CONAN, plus find out which celebrity she distains!

Really excellent advice around submitting for comedy festivals shared by Jenny who has been on the selection side of the submissions.


Chris Turner – “Freestyling”

We talk with British comedian and freestyle rapper, Chris Turner. Some of the highlights include some tips for working corporate gigs, discussion about arriving on stage, and the story of how his freestyles have him closing out shows across the country including the famous Comedy & Magic Club in LA and the Comedy Cellar in New York.

Chris’s videos have racked up over 25 million views on YouTube and if you have not seem how he does is freestyles, go check them out!