Joel Byars – “Community”

“It’s all about progress not perfection”

Joel Byars knows comedy. In fact Joel is dubbed a “Big Bag of Comedy Knowledge” at one point in our discussion by Drew, and it’s no surprise why…. Joel has done hundreds of interviews with the BIGGEST names in comedy through his Hot Breath Podcast so him and his listeners (dubbed the “Hotbreathaverse”) can learn comedy from the pros.

In the process of building his Hot Breath platform Joel has been able to accelerate his own growth as a comedian and build a strong community around the platform. His “Write 10 Club” attracts dozens of comics every morning from across the globe with more joining each day to work on writing.

We will watch a clip from Joel’s recently released stand-up special “Trophy Husband” and gain prospective from Joel and discuss comedic writing techniques including word choice, story telling, building up tension, character points of view, and much more!

Andy Huggins – “Character”

“I write things that mean something to me… If there’s a truth to it emotionally then your character is going to shape itself.” Anyone passionate about stand-up won’t want to miss this episode, Andy is a wealth of comedy knowledge and his passion comes through on this interview.

Hosts Brian and Drew watch Andy’s set for the ECAN comedy contest that Andy ultimately went on to win earning him the opportunity to open for Jeff Foxworthy. In our discussion with Andy we covering openers, why jokes about sex and drinking work, managing hecklers, and as the show title suggests seek to understand more about his unique comedic character and how it developed. Plus find out and the inspiration for the applause break created by “YOLO!”

At 70 years old Andy has been a professional comedian for over 40 years, has performed across the country and first got his fame with the Texas Outlaw comics that included comedy heavyweights of the 80’s like Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison. Andy has his name on the wall in the legendary Comedy Store Comedy Club in Los Angeles and performed on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Show Announcement

Brian and Drew introduce themselves as hosts and explain how the show will run including announcing the first two guests!